MMTV - Vertical Multi-Stage Pump with Barrel, using a high pressure vertical barrel centrifugal pump often presents advantages and ensures trouble-free operation, in those cases where the physical layout of the plant precludes the installation of the receiver vessel at a sufficient height to ensure adequate suction head for the pump under all operation conditions. This applies particulary in the case of condensers in power stations. The barrel of the pumps serves as a pit, and by adding the required length of rising main, the pump can be installed at any depth desired.

Pumping hot water and condensate in power stations, especially in cases where the suction head is restricted.

Vertical pump, single or multi-stage, radially split suction, intermediate and discharge casing : casing clamped together by tiebolts. The motor stool is flanged onto the barrel, which is under suction pressure. The motor stool incorporates the thrust bearing, the shaft seal, the coupling, and also supports the motor.

-  Casing ; Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Cast Steel, Bronze
-  Impeller, the first stage ; Stainless Cast Steel, Bronze, Cast Steel
-  Impeller, the second stage ; Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, 2% Ni Cast Iron
-  Shaft ; Stainless Steel

Total Head                           :  up to 490 m (1600 ft)
Capacities                           :  up to 2,900 m3/hr (12,770 U.S.gpm)
Size                                     :  40 to 350 mm (1 1/2 to 14 in)
Speed                                 :  up to 3,600 min

Pump Suction Pressure      :  up to 19.6 bar (285 psi)
Pump Discharge Pressure  :  up to 39.2 bar (570 psi)

Pumping hot water and condesate in power stations, especially in cases where the suction head is restricted

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