CSTV - Chemical Sump Pump, designed for suspending inside tanks or vessels. and their compact construction ensures that only a small opening is required to fit them on the vessel. The shaft seal is not in contact with the fluid pumped. For a given pump size, the overal dimensions of the pump remain the same, whatever materials of construction are used. The individual pump components are standardized to a very large extent, resulting in a high degree of interchangeability within a range of pump sizes, without necessitating any subsequent machining or other work, and thus enabling the stock of spare parts held to be greatly reduced in number and variety. The careful selection of the materials of construction uses, and a constant quality check in our laboratories, ensure a high degree of resustance to corrosion when pumping aggressive media.

Total Head                 :  up to 135 m
Capacity                    :  up to 980 m3/hr
Operation Pressure   :  Up to 16 bar
Temperature              :  - 70 to + 300 degree celcius

Vertical, single or two-stage, supplied in fixed length for any installed depth. Can be installed wet or dry. Please consult us for special applications.

The casing is of the double volute type, which ensures that all radial forces at the impeller are balanced, and the guide bearings relieved of side thrust. Axial entry at bottom. The discharge pipe terminates in a discharge elbow above the soleplate on the drive stool.

Closed radial impeller, hydraulically balanced by balance holes; renewable casing wear rings are provided, exept on the construction.

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