MHD - Multi-Stage Ring Section High Pressure Pump, multi-stage type high pressure pump which have been developed from our experience in manufacturing, supplying and operation of pumps for power plants and in conjunction with our R&D. With its superior reliability and economical operation, these high performance pumps are applied for not only boiler feed pumps but also high pressure pumps in all kind of industries.

1.  High Reliability and Durability
High reliability and durability by superior materials and precise manufacturing know-how under strict quality control.

2.  Excellent hydraulic Characteristics

As the impeller and diffuser are designed to be high efficiency, low NPSH and stable head/capacity curves in wide range and effective operation is ensured.
3.  Simple Construction and Easy Maintenance
The construction is simplified and less components are used. Overhaul can be easily carried out and number of spare parts reduced.
4.  Brief Delivery
Under parts stock control system, these pumps are completely standardized for fast shipment.

Size                                    :  50 to 125 mm
Capacity                             :  up to 150 m3/hr
Max. Suction Pressure       : up to 30 bar
Max. Discharge Pressure   : up to 100 bar
Operating                           :  - 10 to 180 degree celsius

Boiler Feed Pump, Reverse Osmosis Sea Water Desalination, High Pressure Service for all kind of Industries.

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